April 10, 2009

"tiny happenings" at Songbird Cafe

"tiny happenings"
a series of prints
by Jessica Robles
on display at Songbird Cafe!
1315 Fairfax Trafficway
Kansas City, KS 66115
Opening Reception April 10th @7PM

April 7, 2009

"tiny happenings" a series of 50 handcolored etchings

All my life my artwork has been based on the idea of self and my surroundings. As I child I would make books about the events of my day and throughout school my main focus has been self portraiture. I decided to explore ways to get away from traditional portraits and focus more on the idea of self. I questioned what things made up a person other than their appearance. With camera and sketchbook in hand, I began taking snapshots and sketching important objects of my day. As I did this, I noticed that the things I found most interesting were the mundane moments that happen within a blink of an eye. Moments that most would take for granted. The simple acts of brushing my teeth or pouring a cup of coffee are equally important to my day as is the blanket that seems to travel with me around my apartment. I choose to capture stills of my life in print form in order to validate and memorialize moments that I find significant. Printmaking processes fuel the fire of the availability to the evidence of my existence through the core idea of printmaking, the multiple. The idea of the multiple allows highlights of my life available for all to experience and/or study. It is with this series of etchings that I hope to make these tiny happenings throughout my day worth investigating.